Self Storage Insurance Guide

Protect Your Stuff and Know the Rules
An American Storage Guide to Self Storage Insurance

Do you need self storage insurance?

You should check with your homeowner's insurance policy, but most of the time once an item leaves your house it is no longer covered. Storage facilities are typically safe however accidents and theft can still happen in spite of our best efforts. If you are concerned about potentially losing your valuables then you should consider purchasing insurance. You can check with your personal insurance provider to see if there are any options that they offer. If not then most facilities will offer policies.

All American Self Storage facilities offer our customers the option to be insured under Bader Storsmart Insurance. Bader Storsmart provides the broadest coverage and lowest premiums so you can have peace of mind knowing that your goods will be replaced should there be an unfortunate occurrence while they are in storage.

Who is responsible?

American Self Storage strives to provide safe, clean, and secure storage facilities for its customers, however we are not responsible for loss or damages. Please don't assume that you are covered and be sure to check with your insurance carrier in regards to coverage.