What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

By American Self Storage on Mar 24th, 2021


What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

When reserving your rental moving truck you have to know which size to choose. The problem is - you may not know which size to pick! Most reservation tools have a size guide, such as a 10' (small) truck is for 1-2 bedrooms; however, the interpretation of what a 1-2 bedroom is can be different from person to person, and especially from state to state where housing options vary greatly.

So, what size moving truck do you need? We have created this guide to help you choose the right size moving truck.

Local Moves and Studios

If you are moving locally and can make several trips, you should consider renting a small moving truck as they are the least expensive option. This way, you can fill the truck for each trip until finished! Studio apartments are also great for small moving trucks. A small moving truck is anything between 10'-12'.

Apartments and Small Homes

If you are moving from an apartment or small home - less than 1,200 square feet of space - then you should do well with a medium moving truck. A medium moving truck is anything between 14'-17'.

Larger Homes

If your home is over 1,200 square feet, consider a large moving truck to reduce the number of trips required. You should load furniture first, then boxes, for maximum efficiency. A large moving truck is anything between 20'26' feet.

Long Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are tricky because you cannot always leave items behind or make multiple trips! We recommend always reserving a large moving truck for long-distance moves. Remember, a large moving truck is anything between 20'26' feet.

Don't Forget!

American Self Storage offers truck rentals! We have U-Haul trucks available at most of our locations.