U-Haul Moving Truck Size Guide

By American Self Storage on Mar 11th, 2021


U-Haul Moving Truck Size Guide

Pickup Truck

The U-Haul Pickup Truck is ideal for small jobs, such as an appliance, a desk, a recliner, or a few boxes. Because the truck bed is open, be sure to secure all items with straps or a net.

Cargo Van

The U-Haul Cargo Van is also ideal for small jobs, but not for tall items, such as a refrigerator. Maybe you're moving office supplies or picking up a large ship-to-store order.

10' Truck

The 10' U-Haul Truck is best for studio apartments. Think one small sofa, one coffee table, one bed, and some boxes. Make sure to secure appliances and bed frames so they do not tip over inside the truck.

15' Truck

The 15' U-Haul Truck is great for apartments up to two bedrooms. This means you likely have a small living room set, two beds, two dressers, a fair amount of boxes, and possibly a small dining set.

17' Truck

The 17' U-Haul Truck is made for small two-bedroom homes. This means you likely have a larger living room set, a dining set, two beds, two dressers, and more boxes. This size truck would also work well when moving from a town-home.

20' Truck

The 20' U-Haul Truck is ideal for average size homes, which have three bedrooms. Think three beds, a living room set, a dining set, a lot more boxes, possibly a garage or attic.

26' Truck

The 26' U-Haul Truck is perfect for large houses (four+ bedrooms) and cross-country moves.


There are other things to factor in besides the number of bedrooms you have. Think about how much stuff you have that won't fit in boxes - furniture and other large items. Are you moving locally or cross-country? When in doubt, size up!

You can also make a list of all of your large furniture items and present it to us when setting up your truck reservation and we can help you select the right choice for your move!