Turn Your Spring Cleaning Into a Garage Sale

By American Self Storage on May 17th, 2021


Turn Your Spring Cleaning Into a Garage Sale

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, and the daylight hours are longer. Spring has arrived and that means enjoying time outdoors…and that oh-so-popular spring cleaning we all know and love. Whether you find spring cleaning to be satisfying or rather frustrating, we’re here to get you through it. Once your spring cleaning is complete, you may be considering a garage sale with all of your unwanted goods – but what’s the best way to make your garage sale successful? Keep reading.

So, you’ve purged old clothing, knick-knacks you were sick of dusting, and furniture that no longer fits your style. Selling it for extra cash seems like a good idea, right? Hosting a garage sale could be chaotic but implementing the following tips can help you stay organized.

Organize your sale – no one wants to browse piles of clutter and unorganized mess. Sort items by category – clothing, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc. Using tables and hangers can help with this as well.

Plug-in electronics – to help shoppers know if your electronics work, have a plug available for convenience. Knowing something works increases the chance of someone purchasing it.

Mark your asking price – to keep it clear and steer you away from haggling, mark the asking price for each item. That way it’s clear to shoppers what you’re asking and if you’re up for negotiating you’ve at least got a starting point.

Choose a weekend – people are more likely to be out and about on a weekend. Guarantee traffic by having the sale on a Saturday or Sunday.

Use signage – if your home is located deep into a large neighborhood, considering putting out signs that direct traffic to your sale.

Utilize the whole family – assign family members to certain sections of the garage sale. This will help avoid theft and also provide help to shoppers when needed.

Free to a good home – having a box labeled “free” will not only attract those driving by but may also help you get rid of some items you may not want to ask money for.

We hope your next garage sale is fun and successful. Remember, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

If you’ve completed your spring cleaning but aren’t ready to part with your purged items, contact us! We have small units available to store excess clutter that you just might need again in the future. Click here to find the location nearest you.