Tips for Moving with a Dog

By American Self Storage on Mar 16th, 2021


Tips for Moving with a Dog

With National Puppy Day coming up on March 23, we thought we’d share some insight on important tips to keep in mind when moving with a puppy, or a dog at any age. Pets are part of the family and add an extra element of consideration when moving from place to place.

Whether the move is a few blocks away or from one state to another, any dog of any age is going to feel stressed. The scenery is changing and surroundings become unfamiliar – so make it easy for them to adjust to the changes by implementing the following tips.

Before your move:

  • Routine – try to keep your dog’s routine the same as much as possible.
  • Attention – give them extra attention and be sure to walk them as much as possible.
  • Surroundings – before you begin to pack or move out, try moving a couple of small pieces of furniture or putting away decorations to ease your dog into the move.

During your move:

  • Familiarize – keep toys and beds that the dog is comfortable with close by. Adding a shirt or article of clothing that smells like you to the dog’s bedding can keep them calm as well.
  • Walk and play – walk them and play with them as much as possible. This will help relieve stress and help with the transition.
  • ID tags – for your pet’s safety, make sure their collar and ID tags are on them at all times during the move. If they are microchipped, remember to update the contact information associated with them.

After your move:

  • Retrain – even if your pet is older, take them through a training routine in the new home. This will get them back on schedule and comfortable with their routine.
  • Walk and play – just like during the move, keep your pet active and take them on plenty of walks to get familiar with their new neighborhood.
  • Time – give your pet time to adjust. Don’t discipline for odd behaviors that may be a result of moving stress.

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