Tips for Moving Out of a Rental Property

By American Self Storage on Apr 09th, 2021


Tips for Moving Out of a Rental Property

Moving soon? Chances are you’re overwhelmed with the long list of tasks you need to complete before leaving your current rental property and moving into your next home. Whether you’re downsizing and putting half of your possessions in a reputable storage facility or you’re upgrading to a larger space, there are a few helpful tips we can provide to make the process a bit smoother.

Give your landlord notice.

Be sure to review your leasing agreement to give the proper notice to your landlord. Most require a 30-day notice, while some require 60 to 90 days of notice. Make sure your residencies don’t have any overlap, or you may find yourself paying double rent.

Purge while you pack.

One of our favorite hacks to purging unwanted items is to do so while you pack for a big move. Haven’t worn it in years? Donate it! Knick-knacks just sitting around collecting dust? Donate them! Has the item passed the point of no return? Toss it! Expired? Trash it. You’ll find this process to be very satisfying and leave you able to move into your new place with a lot less baggage.

Clean up and get your deposit back.

It’s important to know what amount you should be getting back once you’ve cleaned up the rental space and move out. Review your lease and understand that some fees may not be refundable, but your security deposit should be. Clean your property well and repair any portions of the space that may have gotten damaged. If you need to paint walls back to their original color, be careful and make sure it’s done neatly.

Change your address.

You’re busy and overwhelmed, so did you remember to change your address? Don’t miss out on any important letters or packages by forgetting this necessary step! You can temporarily forward your address or change it permanently by visiting the USPS website.

We’re confident you’ll check all of the important tasks off your list as you move out of your rental property. If you need somewhere to store your items, temporarily or long-term, contact us to find a location near you and get a quote today!