Three Self-Storage Moving Tips You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

By American Self Storage on Apr 27th, 2021


Three Self-Storage Moving Tips You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

While we love the idea of moving into our new dream home, we do not cherish the idea of making the actual move. Packing's a hassle. Cleaning's a chore. Moving is hard even under the best of circumstances, and moving problems can be compounded if we don't take time first to consider our plan of attack.

As you plan your upcoming move, do not forget to think through these three issues first. We promise that you will not be sorry.
Three Self-Storage Moving Tips You Shouldn't Leave Home Without:

Tip One: Sort your things ahead of time. Nothing's worse than trying to sort and pack all of your possessions on the same day. That is why, if possible, you should begin months in advance, sorting through items one room at a time, deciding which will survive the move and which will not. That way, when it comes time to pack, all you have to do is put things in boxes.

Tip Two: Impose a time rule. In trying to decide whether or not to keep an item (especially articles of clothing), a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you've used it in the last calendar year. If not, you don't need it--unless it has sentimental value, of course. Use this process to keep yourself from holding on to things you do not need.

Tip Three: Reuse and recycle. Americans generate an unbelievable amount of trash. Although we represent only 5% of the world's population, we produce 30% of the world's trash. Instead of setting your unwanted items out by the curb, do what you can to find new homes for them. Host a yard sale, donate to local charities, and recycle what you can.

Here at American Self Storage, we know that packing up for a move can be a hassle. Simplify the process by implementing these three tips and contacting us. We look forward to serving you.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels