These are the Top 5 Items Stored in Storage Units

By American Self Storage on Mar 11th, 2021


These are the Top 5 Items Stored in Storage Units

Over the course of time, we tend to accumulate a lot of belongings. Whether it be a family heirloom that you have an emotional attachment to, an appliance that's not currently needed, or clothes and decorations that are not in season a storage unit provides an extremely convenient and secure environment for you to place those items until they are needed. If you find yourself needing some extra storage space you are not alone! Here is a list of the 5 most common items stored in storage facilities.

Holiday Decorations -


9 out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. When you add in other common holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, that's a lot of trees, lights, pumpkins, and ghosts that need a place to go during the rest of the year. For those that do not have sufficient storage at home, a storage facility can be an excellent place to pack those things away.

Furniture -


Furniture can be expensive, so holding on to extra pieces in case they are needed in the future makes perfect sense. One of the most common scenarios would be baby furniture. Babies require a lot of time, attention, money, and furniture! When you are planning on having multiple children placing that crib, swing, playpen, changing table, and countless other necessities in a storage unit can save you time, money, and a headache in the future.

Files -


Throughout life we collect several important paper items that need some extra protection. Storage facilities can provide a secure, waterproof, and environmentally controlled location to put those irreplaceable documents.

Appliances -


Some homes come furnished with stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers, etc. Which can be extremely convenient, unless of course you already own these things. Appliances are big and bulky, and not something that you can easily store in your home. If you are planning on moving again in the future or want to hold onto your appliances to use as backups placing them in a storage unit is an excellent option.

Collector Items or Valuables -


When you think of storage units you think of convenience or extra space, but storage units are also extremely secure! With surveillance, locking gates, and locks on all units a storage facility can provide an excellent place to keep your valuable collections, rare artifacts, or other heirlooms and valuables.