Storage Units Provide an Answer for Seasonal Business Owners

By American Self Storage on Mar 12th, 2021


Storage Units Provide an Answer for Seasonal Business Owners

Spring is in the air. The season is changing once again and for seasonal small business owners, it's time to prepare your equipment and products to be stowed away until the next working season -- but where are you going to store all of that inventory for a few months? Unless your garage is large enough to house your equipment (which it usually isn't) or you're O.K. with the unsecured storage found in your backyard shed or out in the open yard (yikes!), then a storage unit could be the solution for you.

We get it, the added cost, within close proximity, and concerns about security are all reasons business owners may be hesitant about utilizing a storage unit. Here are a few reasons why these issues may not be an issue at all.

Added Cost

If your business is seasonal, does it make sense to add the cost of a storage unit? Consider that your home is considered personal prime real estate. Using your garage as a garage to park cars, bikes, and tools alleviate the stress of finding new areas to securely store and house all of the things we want to keep outside our homes as well as out of the elements. Your family will thank you. Also, consider that renting warehouse space is probably more space than you actually need and at a much higher cost. 


Keeping your equipment close to home is a time-saving must for small business owners.  Luckily for you, our storage units are conveniently located throughout Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas.  You're sure to find one just minutes away.  


If security is a concern, keep in mind that our storage unit locations have video surveillance, automatic gates, perimeter fences and resident managers.  If you want added security, individually alarmed units are also available.
Whether your business is in lawn care, tree trimming, snow removal or any other seasonal service please contact us about seasonal storage and how to get the most out of your storage unit all year long.