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its time for spring cleaning!

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017


This week brought us the official first day of Spring! Spring time is exciting for many people as it means warmer weather is headed our way. But before we can plan our vacations, head out to the baseball field or plan our cookouts there’s one thing that comes first...Spring cleaning! We know no one is looking forward to busting out the cleaning supplies but after you’ve washed away the winter gloom and have your property clean and organized you will feel so much better about all of the fun activities to come! We’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind this season as you get ready to get your clean on!

  • Make a Plan - Sometimes there is so much to be done it can be overwhelming. Take some time to put a pen to paper and create a list of everything that needs your attention. Then you can take your task one at a time, make sure to mark things off as you go!
  • Set realistic expectations - Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your spring cleaning won’t get done in one either! Give yourself enough time to get your tasks done so you do not get discouraged.
  • Recruit the family - Don’t take everything on by yourself! Create a chore chart for the family so that everyone can pitch in! You can offer rewards to kiddos for a finished job or make plans to reward everyone with a night out after the lists are completed.
  • Buy in bulk - Odds are you are going to need multiple trash bags, and lots of cleaning solution. Go by your local Sams or Costco and by and buy bulk. This will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Find a storage facility - If you have holiday decorations or other winter goodies you won’t be needing until next season do your research and find a storage unit that meets your needs! Putting everything away will help reduce clutter and will make your cleaning and organization go so much smoother.