Self-Storage Moving Tips to Simplify Your Move

By American Self Storage on May 03rd, 2021


Self-Storage Moving Tips to Simplify your Move

Moving is both exciting and daunting all at once. A change of living space is the perfect opportunity to clear away excess baggage you've accumulated over the years. Yet, the process of uncovering a ton of unexpected things hidden in the depths of your closet can send you into a frenzied panic. No doubt you’re growing anxious at the thought of finding space for everything, as packing up your home begins and filled boxes multiply. We get it, we've been there too, but clearing clutter doesn’t have to mean discarding sentimental items you care so deeply about. Storage units are the ultimate solution for keeping saved items cleanly and safely stored for peace of mind. Here are some simple moving tips to break down the packing process and lighten the load for a fresh start.

Move the essentials:

Gather all important items needed for your new home to function smoothly. Visualize the space; pack essentials such as clothing, linens, kitchen appliances, furniture, and decor. Don’t overcrowd your new place, you can always grab that extra lamp from storage later if you need it.

Donate unwanted items:

Be free of clutter in your new home. Donate old clothing, tools, extra kitchen utensils, the furniture you’ve been meaning to upgrade. You’ll be amazed to see what shows up while packing, things you didn’t know you owned and certainly won’t miss. Some local thrift stores will schedule a pick-up if you have large items to donate. Local animal shelters can always use extra blankets and old towels for their kennels.

Use your Storage unit wisely:

Take full advantage of your storage unit by packing seasonal items in stackable tubs or boxes. Holiday decorations and heavy coats only needed once a year can take up valuable closet space at home, tuck them safely away in storage until you’re ready to use them. Leave a convenient aisle in your storage unit for easy access. Eliminate the frustration of guesswork by clearly labeling every box.

Keep organized, simplify your move by dividing and clearly marking your boxes. Don’t let the move weigh you down, make the transition easy by not overcrowding your new home. Most of all, enjoy this fresh beginning.

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Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash