Reduce Stress While Moving

By American Self Storage on Mar 29th, 2021


Reduce Stress While Moving

The stress associated with moving is a common theme of ours - but that's because everyone who has ever moved has experienced it! We'd like to give you a few tips for reducing stress while preparing for and executing your move. 


Packing is the least exciting part about moving. We all put it off way too long, but DON'T PROCRASTINATE! It created too much stress at the start of your move. 

Instead, break it down room by room and start a few weeks before your move. Be sure to label your boxes to make unpacking easier, and try to start with your non-essential items first - this means items you don't need to use every day - save those for last. 

If you have fragile items, such as pictures and home decor, be sure to use packing paper. Do not use newspaper as the ink can bleed onto your belongings, which can ruin them!


Are you planning to use a moving company? If so, research, read reviews and get it scheduled. Do you think you will need a storage unit? If so, be sure to pick out the right size and get it reserved ahead of time.

Do you have the proper insurance? Are your belongings covered during the move and at the new place? Call your insurance provider to be sure. Change your address ahead of time to be sure any important documents are not lost in transit. 

Do you need to request time off work or arrange for a babysitter for the move? Many people recommend taking off a few days before and after your move day to cut down on stress and to conserve energy.

Don't forget to schedule your utilities to be transferred - water, gas, electricity, cable, and internet, insurance policies, car insurance, etc.

Move day

Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, and stay calm. If you have movers, the day should go rather smoothly. If you're moving by yourself, try to pace yourself, drink lots of water, and take breaks when necessary. We always recommend loading the furniture first and then the boxes. If you have items going to storage, be sure to label them appropriately and try to section the moving truck to make unloading easier.

Always double-check the entire house with a final walk-through to make sure you didn't leave anything behind. 


Start with the essential items first, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Clothes are a good next thing to unpack since you need to wear those every day! Save non-essential items for last, such as decorations, books, toys, extra bedding, and towels, etc. We know it's easy to leave non-essential items packed for weeks after your move, but try to do a little bit each day. You'll feel much better in your new home!

And finally, don't forget to relax!!