Protect Your Stuff: What NOT to Store in a Storage Unit

By American Self Storage on May 21st, 2021


Protect Your Stuff: What NOT to Store in a Storage Unit

Storage units are the overflow containers for crowded attics and homes. You can rent one while you are renovating your home or your planning to move. Before you put another thing in a box destined for the unit, there are two important things to remember. The first is to pay your bill on time.

The second is to understand what NOT to store in a storage unit.

  • Things that you need on a daily basis. Make sure medicines and the like don't wind up in storage.
  • Anything that has the potential to explode. The unit doesn't have air unless you are there which means the pressure will build. Don't store things that have the potential to react to that pressure.
  • Anything that is living. The unit is air-tight. Living things won't survive. 
  • Things that have the potential to melt. Heat builds up quickly when you close the unit for just minutes. 
  • Stolen items. You don't want the cops digging through your life. 
  • Items with large values. If you have a rare collectible, find somewhere else to store it. Storage units are secure, but they're not your home. 

The design of storage units allows for them to hold a number of items depending on the size you rent. While most of your life will fit safely in the unit, be smart with what items go in. If you have any questions about what to store and what not to store, please contact us. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.