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Prepare Your Home for the Frigid Winter

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017

Winterizing your home may not be at the front of your mind during the holiday season, but it is important.

Combat cold air. Check your windows and doors to see if your weather stripping needs to be replaced. It can become cracked and worn, which causes your precious heat to escape!

Don't forget the damper! Nearly all fireplaces have one. While you never forget to open it before lighting that cozy fire, we often forget to close it once it has cooled! Forgetting that will cause cold air to come right in.

Busted pipes. Freezing weather causes pipes to freeze and crack, which can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. Don't throw away that Christmas gift money! Leave your under-the-sink cabinets open and your heat on when you leave the house.

Not the decorations! Bringing out the holiday decor is such a fun time for the family. But don't forget to inspect your 10-year-old string of lights to be sure the wires are still in good condition! If you opt for a real tree, keep it watered. Real trees dry out once cut and can catch fire easily in the unfortunate event that happens.

Be present. Don't forget to appreciate time with your family this year. Speaking of presents, once you unwrap yours, you might need to make room for them! Find a storage unit near you.