Pallet Wall Art

By American Self Storage on Mar 16th, 2021


Pallet Wall Art

Summer is a great time to work on some DIY projects for your home! Today we have a tutorial on creating a unique art piece for your home out of recycled pallet wood. Pallets are used by most companies to ship and receive goods from a supplier. You can often get your hands on them for free which makes them the perfect go-to for affordable lumber projects.


  • Wooden Pallet or other Recycled Lumber
  • Handsaw or Electric Saw


  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Craft Paints

The first step is to dismantle the pallet. Carefully dismantle the pallet until you have all of the boards separated. Depending on the structure of the pallet this can be done using your hands with a little force or a pry bar if it is needed.

The wide flat boards running across the top of the pallet are what will be used for the actual picture. Grab two pieces of wood from the remainder of the pallet and trim them to the height you want your picture to be, these will act as braces. You can also trim the flat boards to the desired length of the piece. These will be laid down horizontally.

Lay your braces down vertically and using your screwdriver or drill secure your pallet boards horizontally down the brace. And that’s it! Grab your paint and let your imagination flow. Paint your favorite quote, a picture, or any design you choose. Now you have a unique piece to display in your home.

Please share pictures of your artwork with us on Facebook if you choose to follow this DIY. We would love to see it!