Organize Your Garage

By American Self Storage on Mar 11th, 2021


Organize Your Garage

Is your garage organized enough so that you can actually park your car in it? Most people would answer no. You pay hundreds per month on a car payment and insurance payment, so why not protect your valuable asset? Especially if you live somewhere that inclement weather is frequent and severe.

We know it can be overwhelming when tackling a large organization project, so we put together a few tips!

First thing's first - storage racks! Storage racks are a great way to get boxes and containers up off the ground. There are tons of easy to assemble and inexpensive options that can be set up against one wall of your garage. Things to store on the racks include holiday decorations, camping gear, bins, boxes, paint cans, etc.

Create a system. Section off the storage racks and categorize. Put all of the seasonal items in one area, create a section for lawn and home care products, and stick to it! Every time you use something, put it back in its designated place, rather than just on the floor. After a little while, you'll be in the habit of staying organized. You may also find it helpful to label bins and boxes that are not see-through. 

Tools. If your garage is filled with tools and equipment, that stuff can all get jumbled - and quickly! Invest in a large enough toolbox as well as something to store larger equipment, such as saws, garden tools, brooms, and mops. Not only will this free up space, but it will also protect your equipment.

Bike racks. Does your family love to ride bikes? Does your teenager have a skateboard? Do your young children have scooters? There are many storage options available for these items, such as hanging racks. Keep in mind that not all children can safely use the racks on their own, so be sure to put bikes and scooters up each evening after playtime.

Extra storage options. If you find that you have far too much stuff for the organization system you have created, but can't part with any of it, consider renting a storage unit. Most people have boxes of memorable items and pictures that they want to preserve. Investing in a storage unit can help free up space and keep those precious items safe. Find a facility near you.