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Memorial day and grilling

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017




The end of may is quickly approaching and with it comes Memorial Day weekend! Memorial is a day set aside to remember the veterans that passed away while serving our country. Cities across the country will have parades, cook outs, and carnivals as a way to bring people together in celebration of these lives that were lost. One of the most popular types of celebrations held by millions of families on this day is the traditional backyard BBQ. Coming in second only to the Fourth of July, Memorial Day is one the of the largest BBQ holiday for Americans.

With a vast amount of our customers cooking out this weekend we wanted to remind you of a few basic grill safety tips to keep your family safe. It might seem a bit obvious but hundreds of Dr visits are made during the summer from people getting burnt on a hot grill. Make sure children do not play anywhere near the grill while you are cooking. Remove all obstacles in your path between your home and grill, including pets! An accidental trip could lead to some nasty burns. Also, make sure your grill is safe to use. If you checked out our previous blog on how to store your grill for the winter you should be able to rock n roll. However, you still want to make sure the hose is connected tightly on a propane grill, and that the grill pans are intact and are free of rust and holes. While grilling it is also a good idea to keep a sand bucket and fire extinguisher nearby to control any fires that might get out of control.

We hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with your family, and that you are able to set some time aside and celebrate the lives of our veterans. Share your holiday pictures with us on facebook we would love to see them!