Indoor Activities for Rainy Boredom

By American Self Storage on May 19th, 2021


Indoor Activities for Rainy Boredom

It’s that time of year again – spring showers bringing spring flowers. With the increase in rain over the next few weeks, you may find that your family is forced to spend more time indoors. Children (and even parents) can get pretty anxious when cooped up inside, so it’s a good idea to have some plans in place and activities to enjoy while waiting out the rainstorms. We’ve gathered a list of fun games and crafts you can do as a family to pass the time. Best of all, these can be played and created with basic household items!

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

If you put colored tissue paper in between two pieces of wax paper, you can create some pretty “stained glass” windows! Once your paper is placed, take a low-heated iron and go over it slowly until the wax paper is melted together. With scissors, cut them into fun shapes and make fun designs on the window.

Roll the Dice

This activity will really help you release some energy!

Required materials:

  • Cardstock
  • Marker or pen
  • Newspaper or paper towels
  • Tape

Simply cut the cardstock into 6 matching squares, write a random “dare” or activity on each, tape the squares together to form a dice shape, and get ready to play! Before you close up the shape, stuff the newspaper or paper towels inside for stability and added weight for rolling.

Some activities we recommend are things like spinning in a circle, imitate a certain animal, hop on one foot, or do 5 jumping jacks.

A Puppet Show

Kids love to tell stories, so why not put on a puppet show? You can make your own puppets with pieces or felt markers, and hot glue, or you can use household items such as a broom, toilet paper roll, or stuffed animal. What creative stories and characters will your children come up with?

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