How to Store Sports Equipment

By American Self Storage on Mar 11th, 2021


How to Store Sports Equipment

One of the most enjoyable times of year is during the winter months when you can get out of the house and play outside with your family and friends. Sports and other outdoor hobbies require a lot of equipment, everything from balls and nets to various boards and shoes. We’ve put together some helpful tips to put store your sports equipment so it's ready to roll again once the weather warms up.


  1. Storage bins - A mesh storage bin is the best way to put away all of your sports balls. These items do not exactly fit will in boxes and can be stacked. A large bin will contain them all nicely and will keep you organized. If you are unable to find a mesh storage bin you could repurpose an old playpen for this as well!
  2. Pegboards - Pegboards are a great way to put away small items like air pumps or small tools. This will keep everything accessible without having to dig through boxes.
  3. Board Racks – If you have a collection of snow, skate or surf boards a board rack is an excellent idea. this will keep the boards put up and out of the way but will also protect from from getting stepped on or knocked over.
  4. Use Ceiling Space - If you have bikes that need to be stored a ceiling mount is a great option. You can hang multiple bikes along the ceiling as long as you follow the weight guidelines stated on the mount itself. If you plan on using your bike frequently or if the ceiling won’t quite support a mount you can also look into wall mounts for bicycles that will provide easier access.
  5. More tips -
  • Make any repairs and do any necessary cleaning before storing your equipment, this will prevent the damage from getting worse over time.
  • Check the owner's manual of your more complex equipment to make sure you store it correctly.
  • Use cotton sheets or breathable tarps to keep dust from collecting on your equipment.
  • Try to keep your equipment organized by sport. This will help when it comes to retrieving it.
  • Keep in mind your metal items are prone to rust. Wipe metal surfaces with a few drops of machine oil to help prevent rust from forming.