How to Organize a Storage Unit: Hiding Your Valuables

By American Self Storage on Apr 30th, 2021


How to Organize a Storage Unit: Hiding Your Valuables

Nobody likes to consider the possibility that they and their storage unit will be the victim of a break-in, but it does happen. So when you think about how to organize your storage unit, one thing to keep in mind is how thieves work.

Most often when a thief breaks into a storage unit, they are looking for quick cash or items that can easily be pawned. Generally speaking, they are not going to spend a long time rifling through your things to find the one item that will bring them lots of cash at the local pawn shop. In fact, they may not even be paying attention to what they are grabbing.

How does knowing that help you know how to organize your storage unit?

Put Valuables Near the Rear of the Unit
When you throw open the door to your storage unit, the items that are easily pawned -- like a television, DVR or computer -- should never be visible to whomever happens to be walking by. Anything easily pawned or highly valuable should be stored toward the back of the unit where it is out of sight and hard to get to.

Store Everything in Similar Containers
Using the original boxes things came in can be a tempting way to store them in your storage unit, but if everything is in identical boxes or storage totes, any would-be thief will have a hard time figuring out if he is stealing your valuables or your winter clothes.

Face Labels Away from the Door
For your own convenience, you'll want to have boxes labeled so you can find what you need, but when you put those labels on the boxes, put them on the side facing the back of the unit. That way, you can still find what you need, but your stuff is not an easy opportunity for a thief.
For more tips to help make certain your stored items are safe, contact us. With years of industry experience, we know how to help you help us prevent theft.