How to have a SUCCESSFUL garage sale

By American Self Storage on Apr 05th, 2021


How to have a SUCCESSFUL garage sale

Spring cleaning has come and gone and after organizing you find yourself with several items you no longer have a use for. Good news! The end of spring and the beginning of the summer kicks off garage sale season! Garage sales have been allowing people to pass off their unneeded items and put a little extra money in their pockets since the 1800s. Ship passengers would hold sales on the docks to lighten their trunks and gain some currency for their adventures. While this type of sale is a little different it certainly paved the way for the modern-day garage sales we hold today!

We’ve put together a few ideas for your next garage sale to ensure you have the best results possible!

  • Stay organized! Studies show that 97% of potential customers will leave a garage sale after 2 minutes if they do not find anything interesting. Neatly display merchandise on tables or racks so that shoppers can easily see what you have for sale without having to hunt through boxes or piles.
  • Try to sell things people will want to spend money on. Kids' toys, old books/magazines, and dated electronics are some of the least purchased garage sale items. So if you are looking to make a profit try decluttering your clothing, dishes, or tools.
  • Use price tags! Place sticker price tags on everything you are selling. The majority of garage sale customers prefer to see a price tag on an item rather than have to ask how much you’ll accept. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. If a customer seems interested in an item tell them the price is negotiable. This makes them more likely to take it off of your hands and you still make a little bit of money.
  • Pick the right day and time for your garage sale! The most successful sales are held on Saturday mornings. Plan to start your sale around 7:00 am. The earlier people can access the sale the better.

If you are one of the approximately 165,000 people holding a garage sale this season we hope your sale is extremely successful! If you have any tips or tricks for hosting a garage sale connect with us on Facebook, we would love to hear your ideas!