Household Chores for Children

By American Self Storage on Apr 28th, 2021


Household Chores for Children

With technology and devices entering our lives at a rapid rate, it can be hard to get our children to engage in everyday household chores. There are many benefits to instilling the routine of average chores and it has been proven to make kids more responsible and prouder to act as contributors to the family.

Whether you commit to offering a small allowance for the completion of chores or limit their involvement in fun activities until the chores are complete, you can start to equip your children with independent qualities at a young age. Keep reading for simple chores children can help the household with.


Taking the garbage out is one of the most common chores any household has. Teaching your children that when it’s full it needs to go out is an important piece of knowledge to carry through life. Even if they’re too small to lift the bag out or carry it out of the house, they can still help by putting it in a fresh trash bag.


With kids comes lots (and lots!) of dishes. A family chore that can be done together is loading or unloading the dishwasher. Even if your child is too small to put the dishes away, you can still let them unload while you put things back where they belong. If you choose to do dishes by hand, let the kids dry them.

Fold laundry

Folding laundry can be pretty satisfying to some. Layout a stack of towels or a pile of socks and have your kids fold them and show them where to put them away. After you do it a number of times, they’ll know that it is their chore to own responsibility for moving forward.

Counters and glass

Wiping down counters and furniture as well as cleaning glass windows is an easy chore for children to do. Point out the smudges and marks you want them to remove so they have a goal in mind when starting the task.


Sweeping and mopping can be fun with some music playing in the background. Start with a small room and see how they do. If they catch on quickly, reward their job well done with a larger room – that shows you trust them and are proud of their work. (Plus, it gets an extra room cleaned for you.)

Tidying up clutter

Whether it’s putting toys back in their box or cleaning up after a fun art project, teaching children at a young age to clean up after themselves is an important rule. This will go through life with them and impress others when they take initiative to clean up a mess without being asked.

Once you decide which chores are age-appropriate for your children, you can display a checklist or board to assign the tasks and allow kids to mark off when they’re completed. If you need storage space and want to teach your children how to organize it, give us a call!