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Hide your Gifts: Present Hiding Guide

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017

Christmas is nearly here which means that shopping season is upon us. While there are some old pros that start their Christmas shopping adventure the day after Christmas, most of us wait until November to get in gear. No matter when you start you will need a way to keep your recently purchased presents our of the line of sight of their soon-to-be receivers.

There are some obvious hiding spots such as the attic, under the bed, in the back of the closet, etc. and we won't judge you for taking the easy route. Those are obvious though and will be the first destinations on your treasure hunters' list. Instead, American Self Storage has come up with a few less obvious locations to hide your presents:

  1. In the Trash

    If you want to hide your gifts just throw them away! You could put a bag of trash in the middle of a room full of your starving relatives and no one would dare search through it. Hiding your gifts in a trash bag in the garage or kitchen might make people wonder why you don't take out your trash, but they wouldn't think twice about it's contents.

  2. In The Kitchen

    Who is the chef in your house? Chances are nobody but you has graced the creases of your cabinet doors in a long time, let alone got down low for a thorough examination. Find your deepest and lowest cabinet and stuff it full of your small to medium size presents. Put some pans in front for safety, no one will ever move them.

  3. Dog Food


  4. In the Trash

    Do you buy your pet food in bulk? Whether you keep it in the bag or pour it into a bin, a mountain of dog or cat food makes for a very unassuming hiding spot. Just dig to the bottom and put your place your small items before covering them back up. You may want to wrap your presents to protect them.

  5. Air Ducts

    Most air vents are held in place by two to four screws. They are around 5” x 10” in size so, while you definitely do not want to block air flow, they are perfect for hiding small but weighted items. Who would think to look in the air vent?

  6. Storage Unit

    You had to see the suggestion coming, but YES, a storage unit. Why stress and worry about your presents being found? Why turn your living space into a minefield of gifts? Get them off site and out of your hair. Storage units come in a wide range of sizes from lockers to industrial garages, and you rent by the month in most cases. Renting a unit for a month will cost you between $10 to $80+ depending on the size you need and with the locks, access codes, cameras, and on-site managers you can be sure no peaking will take place

If you live in the oklahoma / kansas area and are looking to hide your perfect gifts, visit us at to reserve your unit today!