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Get the Kids' Rooms Under Control

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017

Kids have TONS of stuff! There's toy, after toy, after toy that they just HAD to have, but hardly play with. That all starts to really pile up!

The first thing you should do is have your child donate toys they no longer play with. Not every child will be quick to do this, so you may have to help them. Once you have the donate toys set aside, you can begin organizing what is left.

If space permits, we recommend storage bins inserted into a shelf. These allow for categorizing of toys, as well as keeping them a bit out of sight. You can even put labels on the bins to make it easier for your children to clean up the toys on their own.

Does your child have a lot of stuffed animals? Try storing them inside of a bean bag! Don't worry, you don't have to empty one. You can actually buy bean bag covers at most home goods stores. Simply stuff as many stuffed animals inside of it as you can - you might need more than one! It can be hard enough to get your child to make their bed daily, so keeping the stuffed animals stored elsewhere can help with that. 

Do they have too many books? Store them on the wall in see-through metal baskets. This makes it easier for them to see which books they have. You'll need to drill them into the wall so they are secure enough to support the weight of the books. Be sure to donate any that they have moved past the reading level of. Many libraries take donations.

If they have a dresser, be sure the clothes are neatly folded and separated by category. You can add labels to the outside to encourage them to learn how to organize their clothes. If they use the closet for clothes storage, you may have to help them as it's hard to reach. 

We hope your kids' rooms are easier to manage!