Even Veteran Movers Need Moving Tips

By American Self Storage on Apr 14th, 2021


Even Veteran Movers Need Moving Tips

Anyone who has ever moved knows about the little things that always escape us until the minute we need them. They know to keep a pad and pen handy to write down things to remember. The totes are bought; the masking tape for labeling is on top of the totes with the black marker. The bubble wrap, newspaper, and all the linen in the house are handy for wrapping delicate things and the artwork. The newspapers have been stopped, the mail and magazines forwarded to the new address, the doctor and school records obtained for use at the new doctor and schools. Thank goodness we bank online. Otherwise, there would be a waiting time for new checks, debit cards, and statements. What else do we need to remember? Glad you asked.

See Your Doctor First

Don't push it. Moving can often be physically exhausting.  By the end of the day, it is not uncommon that you have lifted thousands of pounds of belongings from your house, to your truck, and from your truck to your storage unit. Depending on the time of year, you could be in real danger if you overexert yourself in Oklahoma or Kansas' extreme summer heat. You might notice if you're moving from another state, that Oklahoma can be pretty humid. The air has quite a different feel than, say, Colorado, or other states with drier climates.  

Pack Favorites

One thing that usually shocks movers is that the items they love in their old home are not carried in their new home. Food and drink, for example, rarely move beyond regional preferences. If you love sarsaparilla, birch beer, or your favorite orange drink, certain brands of foods, and regional items, pack a couple of totes with them until you can come back for a visit to stock up on some more. Also, check to see if these items are carried online, so you can order them when you run out.

Get Skype

One thing that makes people moving the saddest is leaving behind their friends. There is usually no time to make recordings of friends’ voices against the loneliness of a new place. You’ll make new friends, but nothing beats the sound of familiar friendly voices wishing you well and telling you all the news. Make sure to get Skype or another method of video communication on your computers and smartphones. You’ll never be lonely again, nor will you miss friendly voices, because you’ll have them at your fingertips anytime you want them.


When you visit your new town before you move, you will take the doctor and school records to the new places. You’ll get the banking and mail set up, scout out shopping and clothing stores, and be on the lookout for entertainment. Some things to scout out would be parked for family get-togethers, walking and biking trails for outdoor exercise, and water for boating and fishing.

Packing Tips

This is where the FUN begins! Now that you’re on the lookout for new and different things, let’s get you packed out of your old house, so you can make the most out of your rental truck, or storage unit.  When packing a truck, you always want your heaviest items near the front of the vehicle. Weight distribution is very important. You also want the weight to be fairly even from left to right. to Maximize space, it can sometimes be a good idea to make partitions using large items, like a mattress or a box spring. Stacking items and then holding them in place with the partitions allow you to use all the vertical space in the truck without the threat of something falling a breaking.

Now that we’re sure you have everything packed the way it’s supposed to be, did you think of the garden implements, half-full paint cans, and the lawn furniture? Paint cans, half-full or not, should be packed separately. Make sure the lids are hammered down good and tight. Empty the fuel from the lawnmower, leaf blowers, and weed eater. Never store such items with fuel in them, because that’s a fire hazard.

Some boxes meant for artwork or deep boxes meant for clothing and dishes can be used for garden implements. If the shovels, rakes, hoes, and garden shears won’t fit, they’ll have to be packed in the trunk of the car. However, the weed eater and leaf blower should fit. If you kept the box the lawnmower came in, it’s a simple matter of breaking it down and shipping it in its original box.

Lawn furniture can safely be left to a moving company if you choose to use one. You can use the seat cushions, though, to put between mirrors, glass tabletops, or delicate things like some electronics. Luckily, they fit in boxes. The plants on the deck or patio, too, will fit into boxes for the short time it takes to transport them. Keep the dog with you in the car, because he’ll need the security of his pets when he’s unsure what’s going on.

We’ll be happy to help with more moving tips, storage tips, and much more information when you contact us!