DIY Chalkboard Wall

By American Self Storage on Mar 16th, 2021


DIY Chalkboard Wall

Do you remember writing on chalkboards in school before whiteboards became the standard? We remember how fun it was! You can make one in your kids' playroom and we'll tell you how!



-Spackling paste (to fill any holes)

-Painter's tape

-Chalkboard paint

-Paint stir stick

-Smooth paint roller (not a textured roller)

Step One

There are a few options for this first step. Decide if you want to paint one entire wall or just a section. If you choose to do a section, you'll need to section it off with the painter's tape. You can add framing around it at the end to make sure your kids don't draw outside the designated chalkboard area.

Once you've chosen your wall or taped your section, you can begin filling any imperfections or holes with the spackling paste. Let it dry completely according to the instructions on the package you use. Once dry, use the sandpaper to make the entire wall or section as smooth as possible. Imagine how smooth a chalkboard is - you don't want any bumps!

Step Two

If you decided to paint an entire wall, you'll still want to tape off the edges, baseboards, and ceiling. Now you can paint! Start by applying a thin first coat. Let it try COMPLETELY before applying the second coat. Two coats should be enough.

Step Three

Make sure to read the instructions on the can of paint as some brands recommend you wait a certain number of days before drawing on it with chalk. Once the recommended amount of time has passed, you will need to prime the wall. We don't mean with primer, but with chalk! Take a piece of chalk and - using its side - fill in the entire chalkboard wall. Erase the wall when finished.

Step Four

Time for chalkboard fun!