7 Tips for Maximizing Storage Space

By American Self Storage on Mar 11th, 2021

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7 Tips for Maximizing Storage Space

So, you’ve picked your storage unit size and you’re ready to put your belongings inside. You start to bring your items in, stacking them in an unorganized fashion, and before you know it you’ve got boxes falling over and having loose items rolling around on the floor.

To avoid your storage unit turning into a danger zone and leaving your items damaged, we’ve put together some helpful tips for maximizing your storage space and to help keep your valuables in good shape.

  1. Fill from the back and sides. Allow yourself easy access by filling your unit from the back and sides. This will give you room to walk in if you need to retrieve something.
  2. Use shelving. If you plan on having your unit for a longer period of time, consider putting in some shelves so you can increase your access and also provide you with more floor space.
  3. Consider clothing. If you’ve got clothing in storage that you’ll need to access regularly, try hanging them in a wardrobe box or bringing in a clothing rack. If the clothing is stored away, make sure it’s in a box. Clothing in bags can add clutter and they lack stability.
  4. Be smart with boxes. Make sure your boxes are filled and packed firmly. Seal them and stack them neatly with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. This will keep your items safer and avoids potential collapsing.
  5. Keep frequent items upfront. If you know you’ll need to access an item often, store it towards the front of your unit.
  6. Keep valuables out of sight. If you’re storing items of high value, be sure to store them in the back of the unit and out of sight from those passing by.
  7. Lean tall items. If you’ve got tall items, such as surfboards and mirrors, lean them up against the walls of the unit. If you can, put something in front of them that can limit them from falling over or sliding.

Now that you’re one step closer to a savvy storage expert, go organize your unit! If you need help selecting a size or not sure what types of items you’re allowed to store in a unit, contact us today! Our units are located in Oklahoma and Kansas.