6 Ways to Convert Your Attic Space

By American Self Storage on Mar 15th, 2021



6 Ways to Convert Your Attic Space

Most people use their attic spaces for the storage of items such as old collectibles, holiday decorations, or excess furniture. If you have an attic and already utilize a storage unit outside of your home, try turning your attic into a new space that you and your family and friends can enjoy.

Make it an extra bedroom.

One of the most popular things to do when renovating an attic if to turn it into an extra bedroom. With low ceilings, attics make great rooms for kids or a cozy retreat for guests.

Entertain with a home theatre.

Turn the dark, quiet attic space into a movie hideaway for your family. With a couple of comfy chairs or an old couch, you can host some pretty cool movie nights that your friends will always remember. Popcorn, anyone?

Occupy kids with a playroom.

Send them upstairs to exert some of that excess energy by turning the attic into a fun playroom for your kids and their friends. As they get older, you can turn it into a cool teen hangout space.

Rugged Man Cave.

Turn your attic into a man (or woman!) cave for entertainment. You can incorporate a pool table, a minibar, or even a table for playing cards. Don’t forget to stock it with snacks so you don’t have to go back and forth between the attic and kitchen too often.

A quiet creative space.

Since an attic is usually quiet, turn yours into an office, studio, or crafty hobby space. Having a dedicated area to release your creative energy is important, so whether it’s for work or for fun, have fun turning your attic into your dream production space.

Need extra closet space?

Sometimes a dream home doesn’t come with the best-sized closet. BUT sometimes it does come with an awesome attic that can be transformed into an extra walk-in closet! Shoe obsession? Too many work outfits? Turn your attic into an organized home for all of your favorite garments!

Don’t have an attic?

If you need extra storage space and don’t have an attic, rent one of our units! Our staff is friendly, helpful, and ready to help solve all of your storage needs. Contact us today!