30 Days to a Clutter Free Home - Part Two

By American Self Storage on Apr 02nd, 2021


30 Days to a Clutter Free Home - Part Two

Day sixteen

Get a grip on the mail! Create a designated spot for mail and go through it once ever week!

Day seventeen

Towel and bedding closet. Throw out or donate extra items in this space. Organize by size and refold if necessary.

Day eighteen

Kids rooms! This may take a few days depending on how many children you have and how much stuff they have! Start with the floor and surfaces. Throw away any trash and make a box of hardly used clothes and toys to donate.

Day Nineteen

Closets and drawers. Again, make sure to donate anything that hasn't been used or worn in a year and anything they've outgrown. Focus on a good organization system for the closet. Try to get the kids involved in this so they are more likely to keep up with it on chore days.

Day Twenty

Under the bed! Who know's what you may find, so be prepared with a trash bag and your donate box. To avoid this happening again, be sure to check it after chore days.

Day Twenty One

Time for the kitchen! Start with the counters. Put away anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen. Put away what does belong, but isn't in its rightful place. Put small appliances away if they're taking up too much counter space.

Day twenty two

Entryway closet! Old coats, umbrellas, board games, etc. Donate anything that isn't being used, organize the closet to be more functional. If you live in a cold climate, turn this space into a mud room with a nice shoe rack and hooks to hang coats and scarves!

Day Twenty three

The office and filing cabinet. How long have you just been stuffing paperwork and mail away? Sort through everything and save what's important - shred the rest! You can also consider scanning everything that's important and tossing the originals to save space. Just be sure you're storing it safely in a digital format - passwords!

Day Twenty Four

Garage. If you can't park your car in your garage, but can't part with what's out there, consider a storage unit!

Day twenty five

Bathrooms. How many half-used bottles of products have expired? Toss them! Get some shower and under-the-sink organizers.

Day twenty six

Bathrooms day two! Sort through your makeup and nail polish supply and throw out anything that's expired, empty, or dried up. Yes, makeup has a shelf-life! 


The attic! This will be similar to the garage. If you're running out of room to store memorable items, or if you want them to be safer in a climate-controlled storage unit, then it may be time to get one!


Bookcases. If you've been itching to read some more books, but don't have the space, consider donating those you can part with to your local library or school.


Follow a schedule! You can utilize this guide a few times a year to keep up with the clutter. 

DAY Thirty!

Celebrate! You have so much less stress now that your home is in order! Open a glass of wine, watch a movie, and kick back and relax!