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30 Days to a Clutter Free Home - Part One

By Blog Author on Tues. Sept. 4th, 2017

Day One

Grab two trash bags and try to fill one with trash and the other with things you can donate. Walk through every room and do a surface level organization. We'll get into the drawers and cabinets later.

Day Two

Clean out one to three junk drawers. These can be in the kitchen, bathroom, or dresser.

Day Three

That pile of stuff on your dining table that never seems to go away? Find a place for that, whether you put it away, donate it, or trash it.

Day Four

Let's focus on the bedroom for a few days. Today we will ficus on dresser and nightstand drawers. If you haven't used it in a year - this includes clothes and books, donate it! That's the 365 day/12 month rule.

Day Five

If you have a hard time storing all of your clothes and shoes all year, try separating them by season. Store out of season items and swap out as the season changes. This is especially good if you do not have a large closet.

Day Six

The closet. Start with the floor space. Go through everything and separate by the 365 day/12 month rule, then separate by seasonality.

Day Seven

Closet day two. Focus on the shelves. Go through everything and separate by the 365 day/12 month rule, then separate by seasonality.

Day Eight

Closet day three. Focus on everything hanging. Go through everything and separate by the 365 day/12 month rule, then separate by seasonality. You can store seasonal items in boxes or bins on the floor or shelves of the closet now that you have more room.

Day Nine

Categorize. Anything in the bedroom that doesn't belong in the bedroom, put it where it is supposed to go!

Day Ten

Time for the kitchen! Start with the counters. Put away anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen. Put away what does belong, but isn't in its rightful place. Put small appliances away if they're taking up too much counter space.

Day Eleven

The pantry. If it's expired, throw it out. If it's not going to be eaten, donate it. Organize the pantry by category: cans with cans, boxed pasta/rice with the rest, etc.

Day Twelve

The dreaded Tupperware cabinet... If it's stained, toss it. If there's no match, toss it. Tip: Do this frequently to prevent the dreaded cabinet that rains Tupperware when opened!

Day THirteen

The fridge. Clean out all of the expired food and old containers with leftovers from who knows when. Check all of the condiments and throw out anything expired or questionable. Finally, clean the shelves and drawers - they are probably a bit sticky!

Day FOurteen

The drawers. Take everything out and organize by category. Make sure each drawer has a category. Move anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen to its proper place. Donate or trash anything you don't use.

Day Fifteen

Counters again! These can get cluttered again as you organize other areas. Be sure to keep up with it!


Stay Tuned Next Week for the Next 15 Days!