3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit All Year Long

By American Self Storage on Apr 22nd, 2021


3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit All Year Long

Your storage unit is the best place to keep things that you know you might need again someday, but that you don't need right now or have a place for in your home. Using it just for long-term storage, however, means that you aren't getting the most out of your storage unit. Transferring seasonal items to your storage unit will help you organize your home, save space in your closets, and remove clutter.

Tuck away out-of-season clothes. In the cold winter months, you actually need that closet full of coats. During the summer, however, they're just getting in the way. Likewise, when you're wearing sweaters and hoodies through the late fall and winter, there's no reason to have your tank tops, flip-flops, and swimsuits taking up valuable room in your drawers.

Shift sports equipment. When the season is in full swing, you need easy access to your uniform, your pads, and the rest of your gear. Once the season is over, however, you use those items much less frequently. Shifting them to storage gets them out of the way and keeps them all together so that next year, it will be easier to find everything.

Move your decorations. Some people have more decorations for the holidays than others--and storage isn't just for Christmas decorations. If you decorate for the holidays, change the look of your front door with the seasons, and regularly change the appearance of your home, moving your decorations to storage can substantially improve the amount of space you have inside your home. By storing all of those items together in color-coded or neatly labeled containers, you also make it easier to find them when you pull them out to decorate again.
Your storage unit has plenty of advantages, but until you use it to store the seasonal items that you don't use the rest of the year, you'll never realize just how nice it is to have the extra space in your home. Ready to start filling up your storage unit with items that you don't use on a regular basis? Contact us today.