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Preparation and planning are essential components of a successful, cost-effective move.


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Student Discounts Just in Time for Summer Break!


Summer break is just around the corner! If you are a student heading out of the dorms and back home during your much needed time away from school, consider self-storage.


It is time to pack up and prepare for next semester. Whether you are moving out of the dorms and into a new college home or headed to mom and dad’s for the break, self-storage is the perfect solution for the in between.

Rather than hauling all your belongings back to your hometown, keep your items safe and close to campus at American Self Storage. With 23 locations for your convenience, we have the perfect space to store your things. From Oklahoma City to Norman, and up to Wichita, KS, students receive a 10% discount at every one of our locations. U-Hauls and trailers are available to rent as well so that you can make fewer trips and get back home sooner.


We know that you have better things to do rather than worry about where you will keep your things while you’re away. Get out there and enjoy summer! Let American Self Storage keep your belongings safe, clean, and out of your way. Call us today to get started, and hurry! Spaces fill up fast.



Spring Cleaning/Dejunking Tips and How Storage can Help!

Spring cleaning time is upon us! And that means the dust bunnies are quaking in fear and our minds are prepping for sorting through mounds of clothing, paperwork, books, toys, and more. As you go through your yearly purge and sort through your belongings and clean, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:


Junk First, Sort Later

As you begin sorting through your piles of stuff, follow this rule, “junk first, sort and store later.” It feels good to go through some things and then put them away and sort another pile, and so on. But if you clean in this way you start thinking in terms of sorting and storage instead of junking. You begin to wonder where you are going to put things before you actually sort through them. Do yourself a favor and junk/donate first, decide what you are going to give away or throw away or sell, then only when you are finished with this step, move on to sorting and storing.


One Category at a Time

Instead of spring cleaning and organizing one room at a time, try going through everything by category. You can sort by some of the following categories: clothing, papers, books, toys, kitchenware, etc. Once you finish those categories you can work on things you do not use as much like holiday decorations and memory items.


Storage at the End

Saving storage until the end means you will better be able to remember the things you have stored. After the junking and sorting process, storage can be a fun way to organize the rest of your possessions. Storage can be a great way to put things you do not use as often in a place where they will not be underfoot and in the way. 

Learn more about your storage options by contacting us today.

You'll be suprised by how much is involved in the moving process. Even with our experts on hand, getting ready for your move will always take longer than you think. With this in mind, we at thought it might be a good idea to give everyone who reads this site some handy advice which, if followed, can help make the whole process go a lot smoother.

Storage Units Provide an Answer for Seasonal Business Owners

Spring is in the air. The season is changing once again and for seasonal small business owners, it's time to prepare your equipment and products to be stowed away until the next working season -- but where are you going to store all of that inventory for a few months? Unless your garage is large enough to house your equipment (which it usually isn't) or you're O.K. with the unsecured storage found in your backyard shed or out in the open yard (yikes!), then a storage unit could be the solution for you.


We get it, the added cost, within close proximity, and concerns about security are all reasons business owners may be hesitant about utilizing a storage unit. Here are a few reasons why these issues may not be an issue at all.


Added Cost


If your business is seasonal, does it make sense to add the cost of a storage unit? Consider that your home is considered personal prime real estate. Using your garage as a garage to park cars, bikes, and tools alleviate the stress of finding new areas to securely store and house all of the things we want to keep outside our homes as well as out of the elements. Your family will thank you. Also, consider that renting warehouse space is probably more space than you actually need and at a much higher cost. 




Keeping your equipment close to home is a time-saving must for small business owners.  Luckily for you, our storage units are conveniently located throughout Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas.  You're sure to find one just minutes away.  




If security is a concern, keep in mind that our storage unit locations have video surveillance, automatic gates, perimeter fences and resident managers.  If you want added security, individually alarmed units are also available.

Whether your business is in lawn care, tree trimming, snow removal or any other seasonal service please contact us about seasonal storage and how to get the most out of your storage unit all year long.

Self-Storage Moving Tips to Simplify your Move

Moving is both exciting and daunting all at once. A change of living space is the perfect opportunity to clear away excess baggage you've accumulated over the years. Yet, the process of uncovering a ton of unexpected things hidden in the depths of your closet can send you into a frenzied panic. No doubt you’re growing anxious at the thought of finding space for everything, as packing up your home begins and filled boxes multiply. We get it, we've been there too, but clearing clutter doesn’t have to mean discarding sentimental items you care so deeply about. Storage units are the ultimate solution for keeping saved items cleanly and safely stored for peace of mind. Here are some simple moving tips to break down the packing process and lighten the load for a fresh start.


Move the essentials:


Gather all important items needed for your new home to function smoothly. Visualize the space; pack essentials such as clothing, linens, kitchen appliances, furniture, and decor. Don’t overcrowd your new place, you can always grab that extra lamp from storage later if you need it.


Donate unwanted items:


Be free of clutter in your new home. Donate old clothing, tools, extra kitchen utensils, furniture you’ve been meaning to upgrade. You’ll be amazed to see what shows up while packing, things you didn’t know you owned and certainly won’t miss. Some local thrift stores will schedule a pick-up if you have large items to donate. Local animal shelters can always use extra blankets and old towels for their kennels.


Use your Storage unit wisely:


Take full advantage of your storage unit by packing seasonal items in stackable tubs or boxes. Holiday decorations and heavy coats only needed once a year can take up valuable closet space at home, tuck them safely away in storage until you’re ready to use them. Leave a convenient aisle in your storage unit for easy access. Eliminate the frustration of guesswork by clearly labeling every box.


Keep organized, simplify your move by dividing and clearly marking your boxes. Don’t let the move weigh you down, make the transition easy by not overcrowding your new home. Most of all, enjoy this fresh beginning.


For moving tips and services contact us, we're here to help.

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